Don’t Read Books; Read Books

May 21, 2018 Don't Read Books; Read Books Journal this: psychology reversed: Work & redact; add & subtract I keep trying to be concise Yet nothing is or ever was perfect. You will be confused for a long while-- Now, that's not your problem This freezing hot issue is jumble puzzled sky high-- Shshshsh... I'm … Continue reading Don’t Read Books; Read Books


May 19th 2018

Sunday, tomorrow, I keep editing It's a holy day for some tomorrow, But not for me, tomorrows Sunday Is just like every other day for me Except, I do plan on starting a-- not yet-- I dig-- T.K., I dig Dig it-- I will Okay-- Hey! Yeah. Flag! & pole! (rough draft done) 11:25pm Red … Continue reading May 19th 2018