About Author

I was born the first day of fall. I have been falling ever sense.
If you really want to know about me check out my other soapbox of longwinded prose at poemfound.wordpress.com, titles hidden lisp is Poems Found, where you will have to wait for a long time to read the book that is to share dreams and near death escapes from escalating dangerous situations; I’m writing a memoir that explains an alternate history of why I’m now a walking zombie instead of a vibrant colorful clown.

Eh. Clown panic made people afraid of rainbow wardrobes. I don’t need an ER, I’m okay, I’m just a little bit a lot numb due to all this PTSD from some players of real-time war wanting to keep society in perpetual fear of extremely cheesy cheerful go-lucky artists, like a clown. No, the Clown Panic… that’s just a snowball copy-cat effect– Yes. I know

This is about the author. Yes. Now you know– not to check it out too closely. I love humor, so I’m not dead yet, and because you are awesome, I bring you something terrible: