Free Poem For Your Freedom


Tuesday January 22nd, 2019
rough draft poetry

*WARNING* Contains adult material that even adults can’t digest easy. It’s important to note that D.C. being shutdown is the worst thing to happen to the safety of all the people left open for attack. Yet it’s funny there hasn’t been a big terrorist attack or mass shooting during the shut down… at least not that I’ve heard streaming on non-stop. Knock on wood. Guess I jinx it by giving off bad ideas, but it’s stupid to shut down a government and not pay people who protect, serve, clean, build… — Oh. Wait, this is supposed to be a poetry blog —

Free Poem For Your Freedom

I am giving this away as scrap paper crumpled up for you to do with what you will, knowing I should not.

A spelling bee shouldn’t be chased a pagan, but maybe one day it won’t matter the challenges, a robot will always give perfect results without being smacked like a witch;

The year I write is near a future and social collapse of views mingling across all the borders. There’s no stopping the shit on every agent, especially if you have love for keeping recent Franklin’s credit union history on hush;

Sustain a balance before Hell is a well-known Red Room in Americas 50 states, with nothing that can be done.

A justice such as what I bare, this Universe cluttered in organized chaos to blackmarket the most expensive commodity: children and starving artists;

Terrorists took over the White House and shutdown whoever with the barrel of an electric gun and the worlds most expensive tie;

Wonder no longer why a rich man cares for the poor woman’s unborn and wishes her to give up the rights, like a cow, the rich man farms people and sees ants of us.

God would help
But free will can only send them to Hell and they’ve got to die for that —

(free poem – free podcast – the podcast contains adult materials and is important [to me] and many victims who will never be taken seriously. I would apologize in advance for the nightmares that may follow listening to this podcast, but there’s a huge problem)

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