Highschool Drama 1982 On Trial

(Thursday, September 27th, 2018 rough draft poetry)

A man on the radio
Being broadcast for all the nation to mock
A man on the radio
Is crying as we listen

A man on the radio
Is sobbing as we work listening to him testify.
A man on the radio
May be guilty of crimes, all still a Snark Hunting of forking farces;

Some how the FBI is the agents you call to not become
A human on the radio
Innocent or guilty, whipping it out isn’t as bad as full blown rape and murder.

Poor people, listening to the rich, cry about who touched them
A bunch of tailored bananas on this radio;
Guilty of wasting money and public time being
A planet of Aristocrats jabbing on emotive, “You’re a gang rapist?”
“No, sir.”
“I won’t vote for you; I’ll vote for you; I hate you; God bless all the money–”
And everyone sat in silence
While the man on the radio smiled at the praise for flip-flopping stabs.
A man on the radio knows
Time and money is being wasted
And everyone else is just sick and tired, so
Me too, I hate this, but here’s your example when you ever
Want to be or do anything in the spotlight when there’s money involved
Power makes the world go mad; round and round we (all) go where we’re told
We can go.


(Rough draft poem writ while listening to political Dr. Ford’s possible #metoo inspired hearing that is farce thru & thru. regardless of whether it’s true, and I’m not doubting possible victims, but America has more to worry about and people are starving, homeless, and being bombed… but talk-radio wants to focus on political rich time wasters — it sucks for all parties, and the public does not need to hear this as much as they need to hear what isn’t being said.  )

Caution photo by me …. taken 2009



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