photo: toasternightmare’s deviant art

End Of The Lime; The Beginning


  1. Intro: At The End Begins the Journey
  2. Oh The Note To Writersbeat Dot Com
  3. Hunting Dinosaurs
  4. Antennae
  5. Cyber City’s Tyranny; D.C’s Mordor
  6. Chaos
  7. World Filled With Hate
  8. Steaming Volcano Coming Out
  9. May 19th 2018
  10. Don’t Read Book; Read Books
  11. Soylent Hunting Tank
  12. Labels Murder
  13. End Of The Lime
  14. Shoots & Gaggles


Thanks for reading this live chapbook experiment. Special thanks to those who comment, it’s very much appreciated. Stay well and don’t wait for my next post, it might be awhile or never, such is life —

On deck: Chapbook Lime Series II: The Lime Squeezes; The End Of The Beginning



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