Labels Murder

I don’t know how to be
Anything else but me

I don’t know why I am, but
I know I’m not a label;

Neither this or that
I am not what you see

(original rough draft by JST Louise; June 11th 2018)

Glaxy sharp.jpg

Criss-cross The Beings by JST Louise (digital painting 2013)

No way. Wonder if WordPress should want to censor a photo of a blow up doll posing with a guitar — is it art? #metoo — too bad I don’t Twitter yet — I wonder how offensive this photo really is? You don’t even see the rest of her —

[BLOWUP DOLL posing w/ guitar; WordPress fails to load art]

Don’t Censor Us Blankty Blanks by JST Louise (photo; 2008)

#metoo (for the dead…not the Grateful dead… the dead, silent, and suffering) @ Poems Found,

but it all keeps getting deleted! By me and them — who? Social media’s federal master over-lord bosses boss investors snarkty snarks — who wants another poem? I’m a #metoo poet- writing a literal literary memoir – oh. no. does the photo of a blow up doll above (deleted) offend you? —
should it, here’s an impromptu poem of my blowup doll deleted — nothing is pretty when celebrities have something terrible to say and they’re all afraid to say the worst of it — i bet some of those stars have some strange discovery stories — ahwhwhh! F*ck. #metoo but i’m just no one so, I write #ustoo — u.s.a. I’ve got a lot to say —

For a nursery rhyme is upon every step you make
Every breath you take
I’ll be reading
What you do

Dedicated to false flags & war mongers

War lords don’t ever want to stop
They’re addicted and need curtailment
And this year, 2018, was owned
With a weekly school shooting;
Keep this up and every child
Will be begging their parents
“Get rid of your gun.”
And only did the patriot realize
Mass genocide would follow
If children should get their way
For they are unaware and being made terrified
To go to school. Horror I say. This has gone on
And false flags kill people oh yes victims die
But that’s not what a false flag means — it means too much ;
It means all is dressed and the ones dead were marked in advanced as bystanders
Pure and simple a flag is going to always be at half mast with mass spying around —
All you can do is be careful what you say about the ones you love; they can blackmail
Anybody for any reason, so it might be best if you’re smart and ugly or stupid and
Pretty, but god save the beautiful smart creatures for they know they’re being owned
To high hell, and nothing they can do but find someone to fill their tanks and hug the Sad away

Two poems — Here, have something famous:

The Crocodile
by Roald Dahl


‘No animal is half as vile
As Crocky-Wock, the crocodile.
On Saturdays he likes to crunch
Six juicy children for his lunch
And he especially enjoys
Just three of each, three girls, three boys.
He smears the boys (to make them hot)
With mustard from the mustard pot.
But mustard doesn’t go with girls,
It tastes all wrong with plaits and curls.
With them, what goes extremely well
Is butterscotch and caramel.
It’s such a super marvelous treat
When boys are hot and girls are sweet.
At least that’s Crocky’s point of view
He ought to know. He’s had a few.
That’s all for now. It’s time for bed.
Lie down and rest your sleepy head.
Ssh. Listen. What is that I hear,
Galumphing softly up the stair?

Go lock the door and fetch my gun!
Go on child, hurry! Quickly run!
No stop! Stand back! He’s coming in!
Oh, look, that greasy greenish skin!
The shining teeth, the greedy smile!
It’s Crocky-Wock, the Crocodile!’


4 thoughts on “Labels Murder

  1. I have been writing academic style all morning for my blog today, so I am can only say in extreme layman’s terms, I totally get and dig your post, I loved it! Peace and Blessings -Onyx.Natasha


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