Soylent Hunting Tank

May 28th 2018 A Poem

Soylent Hunting Tank

Certain I repeat my rhetoric daily now:
Government used espionage to hunt & murder MLK Jr.
And society thinks mass spying is more than okay, it’s “Great…”
What pill has been swallowed and the history you have in your mind?
I am dying and will be dead soon
Someone shoot my ashes to the moon
For these bosses are wild with hate and cannot be forgiven
Nobody has awoken and I will die awake & paralyzed
By how a mind war is cheating against humanity forever
And freedom is no more
For I am just the Soylent Green heretic wanting you to realize
Mass spying is about hunting people, it’s hunting people
NSA is being used for pure utter terroristic cabling evil
This is not a mystery but a moment in history when
Poets will be left and we shall all be screaming
Bloody f*cking poetry as we die inside
Our minds are being used & lied to
At every turn of the TV & radio
And when you turn it off
Nature finds you love;
Hold true to you,
Love is there
Waiting in

(slam draft poem by jst louise)


Hold You True For All Time
by jst louise (digital art, 2013)

… with a lot to say, all I think about is Operation Olive branch in Turkey. — and of course the story is beyond what I can find on the Internet with the time permitted to what I do behind the scenes —

everything I do is political, and I always have too much to say –and my opinions change based on facts and lies and lies and facts [these lies and facts have run amok] — thanks for subscribing to this zombie chapbook.. it’s a protest against mass spying and everything bloody — eh.

everything anyone does digitally is tracked– oh. It’s worse, if you’re an open walking book and opinion bolstered behind a walking Encyclopedia and when you have a lot to say, a bunch of blogs get created for the public to say.. “Martin Luther King Jr. was spied and killed by the FBI? Mass spying’s not okay…” So sad.

I’m just a historian now [honorary, no masters degree in history]. I’m a writer reading facts, fact checking facts, writing facts, compiling experiences, (and opinions)]… I volunteered as a library assistant from 6th grade to college, and I saw back in 2016 a Head of Librarian dragged away for speaking out in his own library against some topic (I forget) it was two years ago and I didn’t save the link, so it’s just a news story I remember until I find the news story link…Ugh! More research tacked —

I’m supposed to be free to peacefully have a digital protest, write a poem, sing a song, “Hey, this is a peaceful protest sharing opinions & poetry online”

I have a humor sense, here’s a toast to it:

I use to enjoy video games, but now I consume history and hope I stay alive long enough to publish what I dig up about war mongers. War mongering and assassination games are called a cabal, but who’s in it? It’s all so illegal beyond belief. I’m writing about human trafficking and mass spying — and it’s the worst painful thing when mass spying can make society hate anyone or anything —

I example Michael Jackson and his smear campaign as a possible pedophile, which I believe he was an elite slave and the pedophile fiasco was a smear campaign and that’s my opinion I write about as an activist, which Jackson was at heart attempting to blow the whistle artistically — I think Michael Jackson was murdered. And I’ll never stop saying what I believe — I can’t and I shouldn’t and a lot of other people have said it too, so I’m not the only one —

it’s just so difficult to say the rest of what I’ve experienced and believe as I was once agnostic, and I’m not agnostic no more, and that’s all the funny bits that keep me alive laughing about how wonderful the universe is when you pay attention to the subtleties of your surroundings and what isn’t being said– the silence holds everything … metaphorically speaking — atheists won’t ever believe, so —

thanks for reading.. i don’t know what, but toasts good


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