Don’t Read Books; Read Books

May 21, 2018

Don’t Read Books; Read Books

Journal this: psychology reversed:

Work & redact; add & subtract
I keep trying to be concise
Yet nothing is or ever was perfect.

You will be confused for a long while–
Now, that’s not your problem
This freezing hot issue is jumble puzzled sky high–
Shshshsh… I’m here & you’re going to be
Unlabeled soon–

My problem is okay, for now
And it is confusing, I know
Just… read out l o u d and pretend
It’s all a Bread & Puppet Show.

The lights are down
And the movie never ends.
So, go away for now if you’re done
Click the pinks and the purples–
I fix the hiccups laterlaterlater

[rough draft original by me]


Spurred Saunders by J.S.T Louise [photo; 2008]

Live free e-zine [book] @

Johanna Shell Terry Louise,
please prepare for nothing new—


… links are broken, formats messy, & it’s not over until the Lime calls it


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