May 19th 2018

Sunday, tomorrow, I keep editing
It’s a holy day for some tomorrow,
But not for me, tomorrows Sunday
Is just like every other day for me
Except, I do plan on starting a–
not yet–
I dig–
I dig
Dig it–
I will
& pole!

(rough draft done) 11:25pm

Red Trees; No Names by me — (photo, cellphone– 2010)

Thanks for stopping by, a free book is starting– and part one will be out — soon– it’s —
Let me say: T.K. stands for: TimeKeeper — it’s to be explained in the free e-zine to appear on the digital screens near you soon —

g2gsleep to edit — part one is looking to be a 4k wc (wc is wordcount) — don’t worry about it— zombie here leaks leaks of leaks — stopping,bye thanks~


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